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Tax Planning

Tax planning is a mandatory element in every taxable individual’s. Tax planning done right ensures a well-structured portfolio to maximize one’s tax savings. We, at Target to Wealth, focus on effectively planning it for you

Investment Solutions

Wealth maximization is what we all aim at but what continues to be a distress is how to go about it. Investing your money right might be the key to the same however taking the right decision is a cumbersome task.

Monthly Income Plan

As a part of the mutual fund scheme, the asset allocation in MIPs (Monthly Income Plan) varies. MIP i.e. Monthly Income Plan is basically a type of mutual fund scheme that aims to invest in both debt and equity securities.

Mutual Funds

With mutual funds at the centre, the key to building and maximizing your wealth underlies in partnering with the right advisors at the right time. And the time is now to give Target to Wealth, the opportunity to show you the way.

About Us

Target to Wealth is a user friendly online investment platform that focuses on mutual funds as its core investment option. We offer our audience a world-class medium with futuristic investment advice on the go. Our principal aim is to spread awareness about investing in mutual funds and the benefits that tag along especially for people, who have or maintain a low profile.

We are a start-up company that aims to expand its reach to rural areas educating people about investing in the safest bet i.e. mutual funds. The minds behind this partnership have already proven their mettle in this field over a long period of time. They have gained proficiency in this arena and are striving to simplify the investment process by educating the investors.


I always belonged to the risk avert category that restricted my investment options since the very beginning. However I am thankful to Target to Wealth who educated me and put my fears at bay to finally make me invest in Mutual Funds for a better post retirement life. It’s been quite some time now that mutual funds investment has become a monthly routine activity for me.

Ashutosh Manager Resilient – Pan India Mapei Construction Products India Private Limited

Target to Wealth has been a great support for my financial needs. They not only guided me but also fabricated the appropriate financial strategy for me in addition to the periodic portfolio reviews to ensure nothing goes wrong. I am delighted that I decided to endow my trust in this highly efficient financial advising team.

Varun Met Life

Taxes in our country are too complex. I and my wife completely relied on my Chartered Accountant for handling the tax related aspects. Somehow we were not convinced with the amount of taxes we ended up paying without any savings at our end. But ever since we got in touch with the expert Target to Wealth team, we have not only been saving taxes but also saving something or other from time to time. Thank You team!!

Hemant Kumar Business


Start building your wealth with us!! How?

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