About Us

Target to Wealth is a user friendly online investment platform that focuses on mutual funds as its core investment option. We offer our audience a world-class medium with futuristic investment advice on the go. Our principal aim is to spread awareness about investing in mutual funds and the benefits that tag along especially for people, who have or maintain a low profile.

We are a start-up company that aims to expand its reach to rural areas educating people about investing in the safest bet i.e. mutual funds. The minds behind this partnership have already proven their mettle in this field over a long period of time. They have gained proficiency in this arena and are striving to simplify the investment process by educating the investors.

We believe that the privilege of getting a good return on investment should not only be a cup of tea for rich people but all. Hence, we are determined to spread our knowledge to people primarily residing in rural areas and small cities; for them to reap the best advantages out of the least. Not only do we focus on making people invest in mutual funds but we also deliver relevant information to the potential investors in addition to unbiased initial advice to carry out financial goals.

With an enthusiastic and supportive team to handle your investment related queries, we aim at becoming your financial advisors for life. We are here to share the right mutual fund scheme on the basis of varying risk profile from conservative investors to aggressive ones.

Further, we are a group of reliable financial advisors and distributors who help people getting benefitted through concrete investment advice in their hometown itself. We dream to reach those, who are far from giving the idea of investment a consideration.

Vision and Mission

Our Mission

To promote efficient and productive investment strategies to convert one’s savings into wealth by providing simple products thereby giving an opportunity to invest at a meager cost in mutual funds.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a reliable and reputed brand to contribute in creating a substantial investment culture in the country where people invest their money building wealth through mutual funds initially.